Bitcoin is backtracking and Australia is planning new regulations on trading exchanges

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The currency of the Bitcoin and most of the other major currencies declined slightly during Friday trading, but the currency of the Bitcoin maintained a psychological support level of $ 6,500 with growing fears of slipping below this level.

 Reports today that Australia is considering imposing new regulations on currency exchanges Digital.

At 04:40 GMT, the currency of Betcairn fell 0.7% to trade at $ 6592.49 on the Petefinx exchange. Ethium lost the second largest currency by market value by 2.0% to trade at $ 221.91 on the Bettinx exchange. Rose 4.3% to trade at $ 0.52335 on the Bollonix Stock Exchange, while the LTE lost about 1.6% to $ 58.309.

Over the course of yesterday’s trading, the currency of Bitcoin rose by 1.5%, recording the first daily rise in four days, recovering from the lowest levels in a week at 6396 dollars recorded the day before.

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission, the country’s market regulator for its 2022-2018 joint plan, said it was looking for a new tactic in regulating digital currency trading.

The technique is expected to bring about a significant change in Australia’s financial services industry and developments in technology could increase efficiency in data settlement, settlements and other functions in the central and small offices, it said.

Separately, the European Securities and Markets Commission has allocated more than € 1 million to oversee the control of financial assets of digital currencies. The Commission aims to provide guidance and ease of implementation to make markets more transparent.

In other news, the US-based brokerage giant TD Ameritrade announced it would support Erisx, a new digital currency exchange, and would invest in it, while it still needs regulatory approval.

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